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Illusive Networks specialise in Deception Technology.

Traditional deception solutions spread ‘honey pots’ throughout a network, disguised as legitimate data, in an attempt to catch hackers as they try to find valuable data to steal.

Who Are Illusive Networks?

Illusive Networks offer a ‘honey coat’ instead, which covers an organisation’s entire network with upto tens of thousands of traps, making it incredibly difficult for hackers to touch anything within a network without alerting the security team to their presence.

As soon as an alert is triggered, responders can use Illusive’s Forensic features to see how far the attacker is from critical systems and powerful credentials, giving them time to take deliberate action that minimizes the impact of the attack.

Many countries have added ‘deception’ technology to their ‘best practice and compliance guidelines’ and Europe is expected to follow suit shortly due to its effectiveness.

Pentesec supply Illusive Networks directly, or via Crown Commercial Frameworks such as RM3804.

If you would like to schedule a demo you can book one here, or alternatively, talk to one of our consultants about Deception technology on 0845 519 1337 or email us at