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Aruba are known for their Wireless Access Points, a technology that many of our customers have expressed a need for, to give their users wireless access across large areas.

They also supply two key services that Pentesec now offer, Clearpass and Introspect.

Who Are Aruba Clearpass?

Aruba Clearpass is a Network Access Controller (NAC) that offers a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies.

It allows our customers to extend their policies and filters out to their wireless access points, it integrates perfectly with many vendors that we now work with including Check Point, Tenable and Crowdstrike.

Aruba’s User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) solution, Aruba IntroSpect, detects attacks by spotting small changes in behaviour that are often indicative of attacks that have evaded traditional security defences.

Stopping insider threats is a key focus for our customers and being able to compile months and years of security data into a continuous risk score for users, enables better investigation and response to threats.

Pentesec can supply Aruba directly, or via Crown Commercial Frameworks such as RM3804.

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about investing in wireless access points and the services above, you can talk to us on 0845 519 1337 or email on