Pentesec ‘Plus’ support is a phone-based support service, providing industry leading Check Point Certified support.

Pentesec make a strong commitment to regular training of our support staff, removing the need for 1st line support all together, ensuring our customer get access to highly skilled engineer on their first call.

Pentesec Support Services

We pride ourselves on our team’s collaboration, who often whiteboard technically complex problems and encouraging engineers to work together to find solutions. With regular ticket review processes, and the ability for support engineers to request technical involvement from other senior technical teams within Pentesec, such as from the senior consultancy team or the Managed Service team, you can trust that Pentesec Support Services will be there when you need them.

Our team consistently hits its strict SLA targets and what’s more, we regularly publish our SLA results directly to all our support customers, so you can keep an eye on how we perform and ensures you keep us accountable at every stage of the support lifecycle.