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Gain Clarity on Vulnerabilities and Reduce Business Risks and Costs with Managed VM

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Pentesec’s Managed Vulnerability Management Service (Managed VM) provides a fully available, scalable and efficient way to collect vulnerability data and turn it into actionable intelligence that helps you minimise business risk.

We use the latest analytics and endpoint technology to discover vulnerabilities in real-time, locate them, prioritise their remediation and then confirm your exposure has been reduced.

Managed  Vulnerability Management doesn’t just provide visibility into the vulnerabilities in your modern IT environment – including local, remote, cloud, containerised and virtual infrastructure – it provides clarity on how those vulnerabilities translate into business risk and which are most likely to be targeted by attackers.



Security Outcomes

Complete Network Visibility

We discover risks and vulnerabilities across all your endpoints, cloud and virtual infrastructure and then offer practical remediation advice to secure your environment.

Real-Time Monitoring

New security data propagates to your dashboards for review in real-time. Dashboards are fully customisable so your IT and Security teams can be confident your perimeter is secure as it expands into the cloud and beyond.

Prioritise Security Goals

Based on the results of our scans, our teams will help you prioritise the most important risks to remediate, along with best practice recommendations on how to achieve this.

Improved Security Posture

We work with your teams to reduce the number of vulnerabilities within your environment and minimise the level of risk to your business.

Secure, Accelerated Innovation

We help businesses retain agility without compromising security.  As your security estate grows, we seamlessly integrate our service with your new devices to give you instant insight into your expanding attack surface.

The Detail

Pentesec’s Managed Vulnerability Management Service helps IT and Security teams understand and prioritise risk, remediate at speed, unify assessments and maximise the value of the existing tech stack. 

We provide you with a high-level overview of threat exposures and the global criteria for risk prioritisation which speeds up remediation across your environment.

Designed to help you build, operationalise, or advance your current security program, Pentesec Managed VM provides recommendations to manage, execute and optimise remediation across your environment – whether that’s, cloud, virtual, remote, local, or containerized infrastructure. Our Service is built to strengthen your overall security posture and lower your risk exposure.

Key Capabilities

Attack Surface Monitoring

Maintain visibility into your growing attack surface so you can be confident you have visibility of known and unknown assets connected to the internet.

Real Risk Prioritisation

By providing a granular detail of risk that takes in CVSS scores, malware exposure, ease of use and more, you can simplify the assessment of vulnerabilities and know which need to be prioritised and where your greatest risks lie.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate your existing security stack to ensure that the data you generate across your environment can be turn into actionable intelligence to better protect your business.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Take advantage of threat intelligence to gain additional context for the events occurring within your security estate.

Cloud and VM Assessments

No matter the location of your environment, our services can automatically detect new devices as they are spun up or down to give you dynamic visibility into infrastructure.

Why Pentesec?

While some solutions become less effective over time, our services are born in automation and designed to evolve and adapt; to meet new challenges head-on and ensure you’re always one step ahead of threats.

When you work with us you get support from a team of world-class analysts – who will make it their mission to protect your data and your business.

The processes we’ve built around our services come from years of experience and we truly understand the pain points of our customers. Our Managed VM service solves those pains and evolves with you as your business grows.

We work with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors and we believe in one thing: Putting the customer and technology first.

You gain visibility of your entire estate by leveraging automation to collect and analyse data before escalating conclusions to our expert human team where required – meaning your internal resource can be used where it should be.


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