Network Security covers a huge range of technologies, methodologies and styles that cater for businesses of every size and every need.

Whether your business works with highly sensitive and risky data, or you simply want peace of mind, there are so many philosophies and approaches to securing your operations, so finding the best fit for you is what matters most.

Pentesec approach security and risk with a prevention mindset. We don’t want to react once the threat has been realised. We want to predict and prioritise risks in a way that stops the damage before it occurs, without limiting your business.

When it comes to network security, Pentesec specialise in Next Generation Threat Prevention and Sandboxing solutions.

Next Generation Protection

Enable Firewall, VPN, Identity Awareness, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, Anti-Spam, Content Awareness, Network Policy Management, Logging and more security management features to protect your virtualised machines.

Threat Prevention

Includes multi-layered protection from known, signature-based threats including Antivirus, Anti-Bot, IPS, App Control, URL Filtering and Identity Awareness.


Protect against unknown threats using sandbox solutions. Any unknown data is stopped in transit and analysed for threats while a neutralised replication of the data is passed to the user, removing the potential for threats to occur.

Leverage deep threat intelligence to understand and overcome attackers.

Our solutions log information globally, so that when an unknown Threat is uncovered anywhere in the world, every user is then protected against it.  Centralised Management allows Network Administrators to control access points through a single console, simultaneously without the need to queue tasks. Correlate logs from both Cloud and On-Premise security solutions, identify suspicious activity, track trends and investigate events.