You invest in the best security technology because you want to take full advantage of the best features and services, to limit threats to your business and to protect your most important assets.

Understanding every aspect of the technology you invest in and how it integrates smoothly with the rest of your business, is a full-time task. It requires experience, and constant revision as new features, or best practices emerge.

Pentesec specialise in complex transformational projects. Our professional services team have decades of experience and industry pedigree that has seen us consistently exceed expectations by delivering outstanding quality and overcoming the unique technical challenges faced by our customers.

Pentesec’s experts can help at every step of the project life-cycle to ensure you are getting the best outcomes for your needs.

Strategise – You know your business and the problems you’re facing, but do you know which vendors and what solutions are the right fit for your needs? Pentesec offer honest and direct advice on the root problems you face, and the best technology to meet them. Talk to our advisors and we will set up a call with an expert, to review your needs and tell you what the answers are.

Design – Integrating a new solution to your business requires understanding of the potential pitfalls and conflicts that will arise. Knowing where and how to place a device on your network, or how to configure a solution to make it tick in synergy with your existing infrastructure is critical to maximising the benefits you see from your investment. Pentesec create a thorough scope of works, with the necessary diagrams and attention to detail needed for you to see how each piece of technology connects. When it comes to creating rules and tuning your services, we follow thorough best practice guidelines that have been created in collaboration with our vendors to ensure we’re recommending the best outcome.

Delivery – Our field engineers have decades of experience in delivering projects on site at customer locations around the world. We work to strict deadlines, in tight situations and understand that critical infrastructure cannot be put in jeopardy. With security cleared engineers available, Pentesec can provide the right candidate to deliver any project. We also make sure to share what we can during the delivery, to give your in-house team the knowledge and experience they need to continue making the most of things when our delivery is complete.

Maintenance – We ensure that all our customers are up to date with the latest versions and features. We strive to deliver solutions that are designed for low touch maintenance, to give you more time to focus your team on what matters to your business.

Support – Pentesec provide expert troubleshooting and support for all your ongoing technical needs. Our customers get access to our Telephone Support and our in house Pentesec Portal where tickets can be logged and referenced. Our support operates under strict SLA times and we put you in contact with a product expert immediately, with no layers of pre-qualification or excessive questioning before you reach someone who can help. Our onsite engineers have decades of experience in overcoming major outages, salvaging lost or broken configurations, and resolving major conflicts. We have the lab facilities to debug and diagnose even the most persistent bugs and issues.

Why People Choose Pentesec

Product Specialists
Our vendor specialists are highly trained in all aspects of how our partners operate. We understand their licensing and product sets in fine detail, enabling us to make recommendations that will deliver efficiencies and savings as well as major upgrades to your infrastructure. We take a holistic view of the technologies you invest in and can highlight overlaps and weaknesses so you can adjust your priorities to get a better overall result.

We look ahead
Cyber Threats are constantly evolving and so too is the Threat Prevention industry. Pentesec are constantly searching for new and emerging technologies, new best practices and new approaches to security. We want to be sure that our customers know when updates are available, when their existing technology is vulnerable and when a threat to their industry has been found.

Dedicated Teams
Every Pentesec customer gets their own dedicated account manager and a consistent team of support engineers. We want you to see our team as an extension of your own team. We know that building familiarity with your infrastructure, and taking the time to understand your needs, will create a better relationship and a better service.

We Work to be the best
When Partners award us with Elite, Master or Gold status, we want that to mean something. We pay attention to the industry’s biggest names and look at what they do well, and where we can do better. That’s why we reach the top much quicker than others have before us, and why we stay there.

We go Deeper
When a Vendor partners with us, our technical experts don’t hold back with questions and suggestions. As such we have forged many great relationships with the technical designers and architects of some of the world’s most advanced and widely used security products. This enables us to request features, advanced support and give customer feedback to the people that can make changes. This means when a unique and challenging requirement arises, we know the people to speak to and we know how to get a tailored solution made.