Endpoint Security solutions protect corporate devices like laptops, desktops, mobiles and tablets from being exploited by threat actors.

Delivering everything from firewalls and anti-virus, through to full intrusion prevention and endpoint detection and response (EDR), our endpoint security solution protects your devices against known and unknown threats, including ransomware.

Reacting to threats is no longer an option and by the time a human can tell a breach has taken place on an endpoint, the attack has been executed and the only option left is damage control.

Organisations want more capability, without the complexity.  Our endpoint security solution provides you with exactly that.

The Benefits of Endpoint Security and EDR

Our endpoint security solution consolidates vital security functions into a single platform, with a single agent, allowing endpoint detection and response to happen autonomously and in real-time.

The cloud-delivered solution offers true multi-tenant capabilities that allows us to provide an industry-leading solution to businesses of all sizes.

We replace legacy AV solutions with static AI models that are trained to detect threats by analysing attributes extracted from executables which eliminates our need to depend on signatures and enhancing our ability to detect file-based threats.

Key Capabilities

In-Depth Visibility

Using patented technology, our solution automatically tracks all OS relationships to give analysts of all levels an easier way to understand RCA and the complete attack sequence.

Automated Threat Resolution

Our platform combines endpoint security with endpoint detection and response, allowing us to remediate all infected devices with one-click – reversing all unauthorised changes.

Real-Time Threat Detection

We deliver real-time, high-fidelity detections without human intervention and automatically correlate individual events into a context-rich storyline that reconstructs attacks from start to finish. We infuse threat intelligence from 3rd parties to increase detection efficacy.

Our solution offers a simple rapid deployment, even across millions of devices and is managed through one platform and one workflow for all features including EPP, EDR, Firewall, Device Control, Kill, Quarantine, Isolation, App Inventory, Integrations, network visibility and control.