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In a major shake up to the Check Point Partner Program, Pentesec are one of 13 partners worldwide to be awarded Elite Partner status.

Check Point have traditionally measured the quality of their partners by the number of stars they have been awarded.

This new system ranks Check Point’s 5100 partners from 2 to 5 stars based on meeting a mixture of sales and training targets; then recognises the truly outstanding partners as ‘Elite’, a separate category from the rest.

As the world’s most accredited partner, Pentesec top the list.

Our dedication to working alongside Check Point to expand and enhance their products, support their customers and train their users has earned us a place as global Check Point experts.

Being an Elite Partner provides a range of benefits including enhanced early access, specialist pricing, and the opportunity to have our voices heard within Check Point.

These rankings help customers to understand how invested partners are in delivering Check Point solutions. They’re also a good indication of how knowledgeable their collaborative support is likely to be when security breaches occur.

With new and exciting products and services coming in 2020, Pentesec will soon be increasing our Check Point services further, ensuring we maintain our 100% accreditation status and our customers receive the most comprehensive support possible.

If you would like to find out what working with an Elite partner is like, why not call us on 0845 519 1337. Or you can email us on and we will set up a meeting.