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Check Point’s CCSM Pathway is Changing

Check Point’s New Training Courses are rolling out this month and as part of this upgrade, their Master accreditation path is changing.

To become a Master you will need to pass both the CCSA and CCSE exams and then earn a selection of specialist certifications including CCTS.

On the 16th-18th of March Pentesec are running the final ‘old style’ CCSM Course, with limited spaces left. Passing this exam would entitle trainees to 2 Years as a CCSM before re-certification is required.

If you currently hold CCSE Certification, this represents an opportunity to advance with one course instead of multiple.

Being a Master equips you with the skills to troubleshoot and enhance a Check Point environment to a deeper level. It also entitles you to deeper access to Check Point support, bypassing wait times with fast track to a support engineers.

Bookings can be made online through our training website or via emailing

Upgrade your E-Kits!

Check Point have also upgraded their Training E-Kits as part of a dramatic shakeup to their curriculum.

Delegates will now receive new and improved kits accessible via the Kortext Portal App.

For anyone who owns a valid E-Kit in the old format, Check Point are offering to transfer kits into Kortext for free for a limited time.

Quality of life improvements include:

Check Point E-Kits are fantastic resources for referencing how to manage and maintain your Check Point investments. They are also invaluable when preparing for re-certification exams.

If you would like more information about how to upgrade your kit, or would like to book a CCSM course before the changes come into effect please reach out to us on or call 0845 519 1337.