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2019 was an exciting year for Pentesec as we passed our fifth year and watched our team and services grow.

We started the year by extending our relationship with Check Point. Visiting their HQ in Tel Aviv to learn more about their emerging technologies, and plans for the years ahead.

Director Steve Bourike met with Check Point R&D to provide customer feedback and feature requests for future R80 releases.

He also delivered a technical talk on using Check Point in a real world environment to 50 junior engineers. Giving them opportunity to question someone with decades of technical experience.

In February our team were in Vienna for Check Point’s CPX Event, and were delighted to receive the ‘European Partner of the Year’ Award for the second time in a row.

No partner had ever won consecutive awards before and Check Point cited our impressive growth and commitment to their services as contributing factors to our success.

This demonstrated our position as Europe’s best partner, with more accreditations than any other partner worldwide, more technical certifications and a dedication to championing Check Point’s cause.

With our fifth birthday in March we used this milestone as a time to upgrade our image. We started with a new logo and better documentation, a new website and online booking for our training.

We also expanded our account management team and invested in our infrastructure to continue offering cutting edge services.

The Pentesec training centre underwent massive upgrades, allowing us to run remote courses with high quality virtual labs.

Our Master Consultants also began delivering courses alongside their on site technical work; meaning our courses are constantly updated by their new experiences, giving trainees the most up to date training possible.

Pentesec became a Check Point Infinity ‘partner of choice’ in August, reaffirming our place as their most accredited partner. Our efforts with Tufin saw us promoted to Gold Partner Status. We forged a new relationship with Proofpoint and deepened our ties with F5.

In October, Pentesec made the decision to expand our operations into Ireland in an official capacity. This saw us extend our partnership status with various vendors, to enable businesses based in Ireland to benefit from the same pricing and services as our customers in the UK.

We also expanded the work we do in other countries across Europe, and beyond. Working with more major global businesses than ever before, and proving that our experts can have a positive impact at any level.

Looking ahead to 2020, our aim is to keep raising the bar.

Since 2014 we’ve gone from strength to strength, expanding on what we offer and who we work with.

Staying ahead of threats requires constant dedication to learning, and investment in people and technology. Pentesec will continue to lead the way, partnering with the best vendors and always doing what we believe is right for our customers.

All of us here hope that your 2020 is joyful, prosperous and safe, and we look forward to working with you.

Happy New Year!