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Pentesec consultants broke new ground again this week, becoming the world’s first certified Check Point Maestro experts.

Maestro is Check Point’s most advanced Threat Prevention solution, which introduces the ability to maximise appliance capacity in growing networks by load sharing data across multiple gateways.

Traditionally a pair of 1 Gbps firewalls would only be able to provide 1 Gbps of throughput. With a Maestro Orchestrator in place, a cluster of firewalls can provide a linear increase in throughput. Therefore a pair of 1 Gbps firewalls can now provide 2 Gbps of throughput.

A maximum of 52 devices can be Orchestrated using Maestro. Meaning, for example – a full cluster of 30Gbps ‘26000 Appliances’ would be capable of delivering 1 Tera-bps of throughput!

Maestro also offers the opportunity to cluster devices into security groups. This allows users to route data via different policy groups, security features, or based on the assets they protect. In addition, it removes the need to replace ‘at capacity’ hardware, because adding new gateways to a cluster will immediately provide new resources.

Our team have been delivering Maestro projects for over a year now, working with Check Point to define best practices. As network requirements grow and infrastructure quickens, demand for scalable solutions is rising.

If you would like to talk to one of Pentesec’s technical experts about Maestro, you can reach out to us on or call us on 0845 519 1337.