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Pentesec always believe in going above and beyond for our customers.  Our internal development team have spent over 450 days developing the unique Pentesec Portal – a key feature of the service we offer to our Managed Service customers.

The Portal contains features that change depending on the level of service we provide you and we roll out regular updates and improvements.

Pentesec's Proprietary Portal User Interface

If you are a Managed Service Complete customer, you can view everything you need to know at a glance – including the details of your account manager and relevant escalation points connected to your account. Any open and recently closed tickets will be visible alongside open and recently closed projects.

If you click a ticket or project, it details every related technical interaction you have had with Pentesec.  We also provide information on your scheduled changes and notifications, including a quick view of whether changes are on, or behind schedule.

You can also track how many DAS Units you have used and how many remain, setting alerts for whenever your account drops below a certain number of units.

Direct Access Service Units, or DAS for short, is a simple way to access the Cyber Security Services you need. From our Master Consultants to our World Class Support Team and our Industry Leading Trainers, DAS can be used for services such as:

There are no hidden costs or expenses and tasks can be carried out on site or remotely, day or night.  The Pentesec Team are always here to help you move forward.

We keep to strict SLA targets and pride ourselves on meeting those targets.  We supply you with the average time it has taken Pentesec to respond to your organisation’s own support and change tickets, giving you complete visibility of our performance as your Managed Service provider.

You can find more information about our Managed Services here.