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Pentesec invited a select group of highly technical security leaders to attend a round table event with Check Point’s VP of Threat Prevention & Intelligence, Neatsun Ziv.

Neatsun has led major projects at Check Point over the past 8 years including Threat Cloud, CloudGuard and Sandblast.

His visits to the UK are rare, as demand for his time is very high. Pentesec embraced this opportunity and invited customers to hear his thoughts and share theirs in a focused technical environment.

Taking place at Check Point Headquarters in London; the meeting began with a presentation on the challenges that Check Point customers have raised in the past 3 years. There was then a discussion around major hacks and breaches that have occurred in recent years; and the new technology, tweaks and tricks Check Point have found to prevent future attacks.

Attendees then shared their thoughts and plans; giving Neatsun a chance to propose a solution, or commit to providing one in the near future. They also had a chance to influence the development of emerging solutions, request features and better understand the development process.

Feedback from the event was very positive, with customers feeling they gained a lot of insight and that their voices were heard. Check Point also appreciated the feedback from leaders who use their solutions every day.

Events like this help vendors to ensure their product road map aligns with the most pressing issues raised, and also offers valuable lessons for all involved. Pentesec will be hosting more round table events like this in future with experts from the many vendors we work with.

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