The Pentesec Portal is our in-house service platform for Support, Hosted Management and Firewall Managed Service customers. The Portal is dynamic and the features change depending on the level of service you sign up for.

The Pentesec Portal displays information related to your account, such as: visibility into any open and closed tickets, open and closed projects, change notifications and more. We also include the details of your account manager and the relevant escalation points associated with your level of service.

We keep to strict SLAs and pride ourselves on meeting those targets. We display the average time it takes us to respond to your support and change tickets, giving you complete visibility of our performance as your Managed Service Provider.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, most of our work is done remotely – without any loss of service. We understand that there are times when this isn’t possible and will work with you to arrange for works to be completed in a safe and secure manner.

The Pentesec Team are always here to help you move forward.

The Pentesec Portal and Professional Services

If you engage with Pentesec for Professional Services or Consultancy, you will also gain access to the Pentesec Portal. The information you see will be different, but all your consultancy activities will be tracked and managed through the Portal.

We provide expert troubleshooting and support for your technical needs and we promise that if you call us during office hours, a qualified engineer will be the first person to answer the phone and help you.

If you call out of hours, our call answering service will pick up the call and then transfer you directly to a qualified engineer to help you resolve the issue.

Direct Access Services (DAS)

DAS is a simple way to access the Cyber Security Services you need. Whether you leverage the skills of our Master Consultants, our Support Team or Master Instructors, DAS can be used for activities like:

The Pentesec Portal shows you how many DAS Units you have used and how many are left. We will alert you when your units drop below a predetermined level and your Account Manager will reach out to discuss a top-up.

There are no hidden costs or expenses.


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