The Pentesec Hosted Management Service deals with the day to day management of your firewall software and leaves your teams free to deal with what matters – security.

A Security Management Appliance enables your Check Point Security Gateways to focus their resources on securing your network and plays a critical part in delivering a ‘single pane of glass’ through which you can manage many Check Point Firewalls simultaneously. Traditionally, Check Point offered physical Management Appliances to deliver this – but Pentesec’s cloud-based Hosted Management Service offers more functionality at a reduced cost.

Pentesec’s Hosted Management Service is designed for ‘Ultra High Availability’, which means you are no longer vulnerable to hardware, power or configuration failures that lock your team out of your Management gateway and prevent you from making Firewall changes.

We utilise multiple UK Based data centres located in different areas, to ensure our service is always live. Our expert engineers monitor performance 24×7, delivering patches and upgrades on your behalf and making regular policy and database backups to enable you to roll back any unsuccessful or damaging changes made.

We take care of management alerts, statistics, and trends, meaning your security team can just focus on ensuring your firewalls are delivering the security you need. Our service is accessible via web portal or app, allowing your team to manage your firewalls from anywhere in the world, with multiple users able to log in from home simultaneously to write and push new security policies.

Pentesec price this service per gateway, with no caps on resources, offering significant annual savings compared to owning your own management platform(s). Our service scales as you add new firewalls, so you are never caught short on licensing or storage and don’t have to upgrade your management device every few years to cope with rising demands. We keep 12 months of logs available for review and 2 weeks of active ‘Smart Log’ network logs for quick fault resolution.

We maintain the management solution on your behalf so you always have use of the most up to date management software, optimised to Pentesec’s Best Practice standards. We ensure that you have access to Smart Provisioning, Identity Awareness, Smart Logging and the many other management features Check Point offer.

Hosted Management customers are also entitled to discounts on other Pentesec services, including our Managed IPS and Firewall Managed Service platforms.