Indeni provides security infrastructure automation and gives you unprecedented visibility into your enterprise security network.

Proactive and knowledge driven, with the power to help keep your security infrastructure working as intended, Indeni provides a unique platform that optimises and accelerates your security operations and, ultimately, your mission critical initiatives, with confidence.

Delivering production-ready knowledge, continuously curated from vetted, community sourced experience, Indeni generates predictive, prioritised and actionable insights that help to prevent costly disruptions.

Indeni analyses over 2 billion data points daily, contains over 500 automation modules to integrate into your security infrastructure and has been implemented in over 120 Global Enterprise Businesses.

Indeni delivers unprecedented visibility and gives you confidence in your infrastructure’s health like you have never had before. It is certified automation, with human control, providing the world’s best practices to anticipate and remediate disruption to your business, regardless of skillset.

3 Benefits of Indeni

Auto-detect issues before they become problems

Indeni ensures validated devices meet standards before and after a configuration change. Receive notifications on performance issues that could become bigger problems and auto-resolve issues so that they are no longer present within the system. With low noise, high impact notifications, you will not miss a single alert.

Continuous Auto-Triage of Security Devices

Indeni can autonomously run CLI commands and Native API queries according to best practice, analyse data and determine importance with expert assistance. View historical trends and back-up configurations with unparalleled transparency into your security infrastructure.

Remediate Quickly, With Confidence

See issues in context and let Indeni guide your team with built-in remediations. Understand why the problem occurred and how to prevent them in the future and use battle-tested resolution steps distilled from expert security professionals.

Indeni and Check Point

Automate Validation Tasks for Check Point

If you are a Check Point customer, Indeni can help you revolutionise your security infrastructure by automating repetitive network and security tasks like ongoing maintenance, high availability validation steps and much more, all according to best practice. With crowdsourced runbook steps from industry experts and Fortune 1000 companies from around the globe, Indeni turns their tribal knowledge into out of the box code that can collect data from IT infrastructure components and analyse them according to best practice.

With Indeni Crowd and Indeni Knowledge, Check Point customers gain access to a living repository of scripts that are built through contributions of Check Point Users, their networks, Check Point partners and public sources – all validated through the Indeni Open Development Process.

Click Here to Download Indeni’s Check Point Solution Brief

Indeni and Check Point VSX Firewalls

Check Point VSX firewalls are normally deployed in the core of the network due to VSX’s flexibility and ability to segment traffic into separate virtual devices – but because VSX devices are so critical, visibility into their health is critical.

With normal Check Point firewalls, you would track hardware health, performance, software configurations, clustering, CoreXL and SecureXL behaviour and more. However, with VSX firewalls, you want to do all of that, but on a per system basis. Each virtual system has its own firewall and you want to collect data for each one.

Keeping track of all these different items is crucial. A Check Point VSX Administrator is required to handle enormous volumes of complex data, more so than with a regular Check Point firewall. To do this, the administrator needs complete visibility and a lot of data at their fingertips.

Indeni is uniquely positioned to help with this.

With a community of Check Point experts looking for every possible metric or configuration that needs to be analysed, the Indeni platform’s capabilities are used to implement the collection and analysis and provide users with a powerful solution to ensure Check Point firewalls operate as intended.

If you have a large Check Point VSX deployment, you need Indeni as it’s capable of collecting VSX-level data on both Gaia-based deployments as well as scalable platforms (61000, etc.).

Click Here to Download the White Paper – Keeping Check Point VSX Firewalls Healthy with Indeni

What Makes Indeni Unique?

There are three major differences between Indeni and other network monitoring and management solutions –

  1. Indeni continuously validates that Check Point devices are operating as intended with automation scripts.
  2. Indeni connects to network and security devices through the native protocol including SSH and API.
  3. Indeni Knowledge is constantly updated by certified professionals in Indeni Crowd, which ensures you have the latest automation scripts and remediation steps available.

If you would like to know more about Indeni’s Security infrastructure Automation platform, fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch.