Cloud Security is a fundamental component of an organisation’s cyber security strategy, especially as we move into the post pandemic world of hybrid working and distributed employees.

Organisations move their workloads and applications to the cloud to maximise the underlying physical resources available, while enabling business agility and resiliency. Those benefits create new risks and compliance challenges, as users, apps and data become more accessible to attackers.

The nature of virtualisation introduces a new security risk—traffic that moves between virtual machines (VMs) within the cloud.

Precautions taken within the cloud are primarily designed to protect the entire cloud infrastructure, rather than the traffic that flows between VMs. Cloud providers are not responsible for securing customer traffic streams. This responsibility lies with the organisation that uses cloud resources under a concept known as the “shared responsibility model”.

Organisations that leverage the cloud for their IT operations must secure workload and application traffic at the VM level. This requires looking at both inter-cloud security, as the perimeter of an organisation’s cloud environment can change at any time when VMs are moved, as well as intra-cloud security, especially when attacks can propagate between VMs.

Threat Prevention in The Cloud

Pentesec extend traditional Threat Prevention into Cloud Environments, protecting them against all variants of attacks including viruses, bots, application attacks and zero-day threats.

Threat Prevention Utilises 3 Layers of Protection.

Next Generation Protection

Enable Firewall, VPN, Identity Awareness, Intrusion Prevention, Application Control, URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, Anti-Spam, Content Awareness, Network Policy Management, Logging and more security management features to protect your virtualised machines.

Threat Prevention

Includes multi-layered protection from known, signature-based threats including Antivirus, Anti-Bot, IPS, App Control, URL Filtering and Identity Awareness.


Protect against unknown threats using sandbox solutions. Any unknown data is stopped in transit and analysed for threats while a neutralised replication of the data is passed to the user, removing the potential for threats to occur.
Our solutions leverage deep threat intelligence to understand and overcome attackers. We log information globally and when an unknown threat is uncovered anywhere in the world, every user is then protected against it.

Centralised Management allows Network Administrators to control access points through a single console, simultaneously without the need to queue tasks. Correlate logs from both Cloud and On-Premises security solutions, identify suspicious activity, track trends and investigate events.

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs)

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) extend your corporate security policies to the cloud and provide visibility and protection across corporate-issued and personal employee devices.
Get people-centric visibility to email and cloud threats that help you identify users who are most vulnerable to attack, so you can protect their cloud accounts and your data. CASB merges together contextual data and user-behaviour analytics to detect suspicious activity and enables you to see which files in your cloud apps are violating Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules, who owns them and who is downloading or sharing and editing them.

Protect the Cloud with Pentesec

Universal Threat Detection

Connect to intelligence feeds from users worldwide, and a huge range of partners, giving the deep threat awareness and ensuring that your network is constantly updated.

Criminals often use compromised accounts to impersonate users and access cloud data. CASB helps you detect and respond to unusual account activity from potentially compromised accounts and enforces polices to protect future accounts from harm.
Protect against common attacks including phishing, social engineering and insider threats.

Rapid Deployment

Cloud Security can be deployed in minutes, simply choose the desired package and enable all relevant security protections to start protecting your public cloud environment.

Centralised Management across Cloud and On-Premises Infrastructures

A consistent security policy is enforced for corporate assets across both your public cloud and on-premises infrastructures, all from a single console.

With full visibility of Shadow IT, you can mitigate the threats posed by poor app design, and services that depend on OAuth-Permissions. Third Party applications such as Office 365 and Google G Suite pose risks because they give broader than necessary data permissions that persist until access is manually revoked.

Dynamic and Automated Policy

Integrate with all leading public cloud management solutions to absorb and leverage contextual information about the infrastructure. Cloud-defined elements such as asset tags, objects, security groups and more are updated in real-time, allowing automatic policy updates to reflect any changes in your dynamic cloud environment.

Users typically use unapproved software services for file sharing, social media, collaboration and web conferencing. These services pose a risk to your organisation because you are dependent on their design being secure. CASB provides the visibility and control to limit the damage these services can do to your organisation.

Consolidated Logs and Reporting for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Our cloud security solutions unify threat visibility and enforcement across your cloud and on-premises infrastructures. It also enhances forensic analysis by consolidating logging and reporting into a consistent event-level view, dramatically simplifying compliance and audits.

Reduce Risk of Data Loss and IP Theft

Extend the DLP policies that protect your mail and on-premises data and centralise DLP incident management across cloud apps. Utilise built-in data classifications and pinpoint who in your organisation has access to sensitive cloud data.

Data shared through public links can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. If staff are accessing company secrets remotely then it is also easy for departing staff to take that data with them when they leave. CASB controls access to cloud services and provides full visibility of how people handle your data.

Ease Your Compliance Burden

Government and Industry regulations, including GDPR, require you to know where your data is and how it is shared in the cloud. Violations of data privacy can result in huge fines of up to 4% of your organisations worldwide annual revenue. With CASB, you have this information readily available for audit whenever needed and can lower the likelihood of breaches occurring.

To fully defend your organisation in the cloud, you need to address threat protection, data security, and app governance. A people centric CASB solution accounts for who is most attacked, who is vulnerable to attacks, and who has privileged access to sensitive corporate data.