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s we look ahead to our fifth year, it is helpful to reflect on what it took to get here, how that defines where we want to see the security channel go and what our place will be within it, moving forward.

Pentesec started life with a goal to disrupt the Check Point partner channel and establish a new, proactive way of delivering collaborative support.

With our fourth year done and dusted this month, we can look back at that goal and confidently say that we nailed it.

The first Check Point partner to reach 3 Star status in year one. 4 Star status in two, and Elite status in three.

Not content with that, we started 2018 as the Check Point European ‘Partner of the Year’.

This has not been easy.

It took becoming the world’s most accredited Check Point partner.

Our Goals For 2018

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to become Check Point Certified Security Masters, and now they’re the experts who train other Check Point partners, customers and budding techies to join them in becoming world class engineers.

Our process driven focus on efficiency and hard work has seen our team build a support system that our customers love to work with.

They know the people handling their support tickets.

They see the work that goes in to diagnosing and fixing their issues immediately, and they feel the relationship we strive to build as we dedicate time and resources to fully understanding their needs and meeting them.

As one global retailer put it recently, after engaging with our team to recover a major outage:

You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Our engineers constantly receive feedback outlining the value of their knowledge and expertise in delivering complex security solutions.

Without your involvement we would not have been able to progress this project to the degree that we wanted to.

Our customers feed this back to the vendors we work with too and that makes a huge difference.

We couldn’t have got this far without our customers.

For year five, and beyond, we have a new goal:

We want customers everywhere to demand more from their support partners.

To expect the Pentesec service from whoever they choose to work with, and not accept anything less.

We want to force a permanent change within the security channel, and with that change we want to grow and become a global ‘Partner of Choice’, a well-known and respected team of experts that companies aspire to work with.