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Last week Team Pentesec were in Birmingham to reflect on our 2023/24 successes and lay out our expectations for 2024/25.

Luke Bourike, Pentesec Managing Director

The event was divided into key talks and presentations, with Managing Director Luke Bourike, and Director of Customer Operations Dan Ramsell kicking things off by acknowledging an outstanding 2023/24 for Pentesec where we saw our MSSP and SOC services become the largest area of success for the business, despite our continued dominance as a leading Elite Check Point partner and a superb year of supplying and supporting Check Point customers.

For Pentesec to maintain this status as a leading Check Point partner, while simultaneously growing our internal services beyond that level, is exceptional and a testament to the hard work and dedication our Technical and Commercial teams have invested in the past year.


Check Point followed by showcasing Pentesec’s high performance in 2023/24.

Reiterating our status as a leading Elite Check Point Partner worldwide. We were also proud to be declared as the leading partner for supplying Check Point to the UK Public Sector. Our team is dedicated to supporting Central Government, Local Councils, NHS, Police Constabularies and more. This has always been a major focus for Pentesec and we look forward to providing even more support and services in the year ahead.

Check Point also ran through their exciting product roadmap, showcasing faster and more powerful security gateways, AI Integration and a broad range of advanced industry leading enhancements that will lead to better security for our customers and simpler, more agile security management.

Lastly we had the pleasure of acknowledging Pentesec Consultant Andrew Hunter’s success as the Check Point Technical Champion at the recent 2024 Partner Awards.

Pentesec have always worked hard to maintain world class technical capabilities across our team of consultants and engineers. To see Andrew demonstrate that this standard is a still a core part of our DNA was rewarding for every one of us.


Microsoft joined us to deliver a presentation on their growing AI Capabilities

This talk showcased how Microsoft CoPilot can revolutionise the way all of us carry out our day to day tasks at work.

From admin, to presentations, strategy and even technical tasks, they showed that Microsoft are thinking about the future of not just technology and work, but human civilisation as a whole.

Pentesec and Symity are working closely with Microsoft to build cyber security services and communication solutions that will leverage this emerging technology in new and exciting ways.

Our consultants are working hard to learn and certify in a broad range of areas to ensure that we can provide expert knowledge and advice around implementing these solutions effectively across your business operations as soon as the features are available for public use.

Our final presentations focused on communication and looking ahead with determination to succeed as a team.

Focusing on understanding, equity, and accommodating the needs of others to ensure that we can work together as a team, the rallying cry was to continue our hard work, strive to exceed expectations and to continuously seek improvement across the business.

Staff were invited to discuss ideas and propose solutions, which will then be used to further enhance Pentesec’s daily operations and ensure the business remains a positive and fulfilling place to work.


Once the presentations and acknowledgements were done and dusted, it was time for our evening meal and lots of celebrations, before the next day’s team building activities

CSI: Pentesec

Following a fun filled evening, the team came together to solve crime and release Customer Success Manager Ben Eaton who had (for the purposes of our team building exercise) been convicted of a crime he did not commit.

This activity day saw us break into various teams and learn to communicate better by describing a crime scene over radio.

Complete puzzles and solve clues to uncover the real criminal behind everything.

There were creative opportunities to make video appeals for information, and even a competitive demonstration of how to fire a taser at a criminal, which – after several elimination rounds – saw our Head of Innovation and Development Jon Pitt, narrowly defeat Bids and Marketing Manager Richard Bass in a wild west style ‘tase off’ with a score of 2 to 1.



The two day event was an excellent opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the various teams that make up Pentesec and a chance for us to mix further with our sister company Symity. It was also a great celebration of all that has come before now and a reminder of what we can achieve together moving forward.

For 2024/25 we will be announcing new products and services, new milestones and expanding our capabilities further. These advancements will be regularly communicated via the Pentesec Blog, Webinars, Mailing Lists and across our social media accounts, which will be undergoing transformation in the coming months to provide more insight into our progress.

We look forward to working with you all throughout this year and thank you for your contributions to our successful 2023/24!