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Consolidated Security Architecture offers a variety of benefits including a reduced total cost of ownership, an increase in efficiency and a single pane of glass to view your infrastructure though.

Check Point – Infinity Total Protection

Check Point’s ‘Infinity Total Protection’ enables you to protect your entire enterprise with a single, complete solution on a per-user based annual subscription and leverage Check Point’s most advanced products and technologies across your networks, cloud, endpoint and mobile devices through a consolidated security architecture.

Check Point Infinity Diagram

Infinity is designed for enterprises with 500 employees or more and enables the consumption of all Check Point security products and associated services on a need’s basis, rather than cost basis.

Part of the subscription is devoted to new Check Point hardware, enabling expansion and ensuring your business is always protected by the world’s most advanced threat prevention. Apply every blade and feature and eliminate zero-day threats using real-time sandboxing, anti-ransomware, anti bot and much more.

There is also an allowance for CloudGuard licencing, permitting customers to take advantage of the cloud, whilst maintaining the same level of security and control that a physical network offers.

Take advantage of 24×7 Premium Support, faster response times and same day shipping on replacement hardware. Optional training, professional services, consultation workshops and incident response services can also be included.

Enhance your security team and gain peace of mind, knowing that in the event of an attack your business is prepared to not only beat it, but to forensically understand who is attacking you, the ramifications, what you can do and how you communicate the attack to the rest of your business and the authorities.

Protect your staff with Complete Endpoint Protection on their laptops, Sandblast Mobile on their devices to protect corporate data, all types of applications, OS vulnerabilities and it includes Check Point’s industry leading network security capabilities. Defend corporate assets with encryption, isolate threats to specific users and give your staff the VPN capabilities they need to work remotely.

As technology continues to advance, Internet of Things connectivity is becoming a topic of consideration within security teams. Infinity also encompasses Check Point IoT Protect, for Enterprise, Healthcare and Industrial settings, to secure your smart infrastructure and prevent corporate spying or disruption to business operations.

As new products and services are added to Check Point’s portfolio, Infinity customers will find they can access them as part of their annual contract, allowing them to react to new threats quickly, without worrying about cost or compatibility with the rest of their infrastructure.